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Sanako Connect

Sanako Connect

Online classroom environment for language learning and beyond

Sanako Study 1200 software language lab

Sanako Study 1200

Advanced language lab software with classroom management.

Sanako Lab 100 hardware language lab

Sanako Lab 100

A hardware solution for small spaces and mobile needs.

Sanako Pronounce Live

Sanako Pronounce Live

An easy solution for improving oral skills in a foreign language.

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Tired of using a traditional textbook in your language classroom? Our Sanako Study 1200 has a set of tools that can easily convert existing textbook material into an interactive format.
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Are you looking for an effective and enjoyable language learning system?

See why Era Business School in India uses the Sanako Study 1200 solution for its Digital Language Laboratory. @EBSDwarka

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Julia Donaldson (of Gruffalo fame) speaks at the German teacher of the year award about how learning German shaped her life and writing @ALL4language https://t.co/hOYb3CMYD4