Teach the way you want. Use any content you wish.

Our language labs and language teaching solutions will improve your students’ speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

Designed to make teaching with technology both enjoyable and effective.

  • Teach groups of all sizes and skill levels easily
  • Simulate real life situations: group discussions, role plays, mock interviews, voting games, text messaging, and more!
  • Spend less time on organizing and give students more time to practice

NEW Digital Content

With our interactive content - designed for teacher-led environments - you don’t need textbooks anymore but can still teach the way you want.

Sanako Lab 100

You only need a teacher computer. Students are equipped with digital recorders, which allow them to participate in a number of stimulating learning activities, either alone, or in groups or pairs.

Sanako Pronounce

Allows students to practice their pronunciation by listening to and repeating authentic voices and getting instant feedback.

The Sanako language lab has done wonders for us, as we now have the ability to dramatically increase the number of interactive speaking activities that students are able to complete.

We have worked closely with customers for over 50 years towards a single goal - to help people learn languages. As a result, we have satisfied customers in over 100 countries and 30,000 classroom installations.

Integrate technology into your teaching and improve your student's results with Sanako language labs.


The LanguagePoint

The LanguagePoint is a global community for teachers, maintained by Sanako. New, free resources every week!

What Is A Language Lab

What are modern language labs? Why they are more efficient in teaching than traditional labs?

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