We help people to teach and learn languages.

Our language labs and language teaching solutions will improve your students’ speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

Sanako Connect

Sanako Connect

Online classroom environment for language learning and beyond

Sanako Study 1200 software language lab

Sanako Study 1200

Advanced language lab software with classroom management.

Sanako Lab 100 hardware language lab

Sanako Lab 100

A hardware solution for small spaces and mobile needs.

Sanako Pronounce Live

Sanako Pronounce Live

An easy solution for improving oral skills in a foreign language.

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Used in over 100 countries and 36 000 classrooms.

50+ years of experience with language labs and co-operation with teachers has made us the global leader in our field.

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Pearl Heneghan @pearl_heneghan
Here is question no 1: What digital technology infrastructure do you have for use with students in your school? #mflchat https://t.co/DSD6wSpDkh

Digital language labs with no student computers required? 🤔

Check out Multimedia Solutions' @sanakoMSI post to find out how 👉 https://t.co/kIHruswcOX

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"We are eager with this challenge and I know, we will find super good teams to work together with. Join our challenge!" - Tobias Elgh @telgh CEO, Sanako

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Are you the next game-changer in digital learning?

Let's make your new EdTech innovation be the next global trend! 🌏🌍🌎📈

Be a part of our EdTech Hackathon! 🖥️📲🤖
Check out the @UltrahackHQ 's post below to know more 👇

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Ultrahack @UltrahackHQ
Did you know that 6/10 education trends in 2019 are related to digital technologies? With the rapid development of #AI, #XR, #robotics and #gamification, physical models or classes may become obsolete! 👨‍🏫

Join the digital education journey with @SanakoOy
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Sard Imperium @SardImperium
RT @UltrahackHQ: You might be familiar with #online courses, but how about combining language studies with #gamification and #AI?

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