9 Reasons To Buy Sanako Study 1200

Stimulate students to learn languages by doing! With the predefined workflows of Sanako Study 1200, you can increase the time students spend actively learning and to improve their overall performance, and results. Working with Sanako Study 1200 means individualizing the teaching, enjoying the interaction between the teacher and students and keeping up with student progress.… Read More »

Sanako EdTech Hackathon

Are you a developer who wants to bring innovative changes in our EdTech field? It’s time to get your team together and apply! Deadline for applications: November 08, 2019. Read more from the links below: https://ultrahack.org/ultrahack2019sprint2/scale-up-your-edtech-with-sanako https://www.f6s.com/sanakoglobaledtechmarketentry/apply

Language Labs

[Part 2] How Effective Are Language Labs in Language Teaching?

    The primary argument for the usefulness of modern language labs: there’s no other classroom setting in which 20-some students can speak and converse at the same time. Also, without distracting other students, and the teacher can monitor, guide and coach them all students can speak individually.   All Students Can Speak at the Same Time In… Read More »

Language Labs

[Part 1] How Effective Are Language Labs in Language Teaching?

(This is a two-part blog series about the usefulness of the modern language labs in the foreign language learning by Andrzej Styrcz)   In the past few months, a question has frequently been posed on whether there is any evidence or research on the effectiveness of language labs in foreign language teaching. Before we continue further it… Read More »

[CASE STUDY] How Our Solutions Motivated Hundreds of Wuhan University Students towards Learning Foreign Languages

The University of Wuhan, located in the largest city in Central China, is proud of its experienced teachers and the great variety of subjects it offers. With its numerous connections with other universities worldwide, Wuhan University represents a truly international environment for students from both China and from all over the world. Following the international… Read More »

Breaking the Language Barrier

  To survive and succeed in today’s cut-throat competitive world, not only does one have to be a jack of all trades, but they also have to master them. A key quality that can add to one’s expertise is knowledge of multiple languages. It is a proven fact that people who can communicate in different… Read More »

Sanako Connect to enter open beta

Sanako Connect is the culmination of our efforts to bring you the best tools for language learning in any environment and on any device. Our years of experience working with teachers in Finland and around the world have been poured into Sanako Connect, and we are confident that however you want to incorporate modern technology… Read More »

Sanako to deliver 697 000 Pronounce systems to schools in India

Sanako partners with Indiannica Learning Private Limited to deliver 697 000 Pronounce systems to schools in India   Sanako, the global leader in developing tutor-led language teaching software, today announced that it has partnered with with Indiannica Learning Private Limited (formerly known as Encyclopædia Britannica (India) Private Limited) to deliver 697 000 Pronounce systems to… Read More »

Sanako partners with Eupheus Learning to reach a million kids in India

LEARNING ENGLISH LANGUAGE MADE SIMPLER AND MORE ENGAGING!   New Delhi, India (September 25, 2017)   Sanako, the global leader in language labs and language teaching solutions, is delighted to announce that it has partnered with Eupheus Learning to reach out to over a million kids and help them learn English in a more effective, more… Read More »

Pronounce Live now also available for consumers

Perfect your pronunciation!   SANAKO CORPORATION PRESS RELEASE 10.4.2017 Perfecting your spoken skills in a foreign language has just become much easier. With Sanako Pronounce Live learners can practice pronunciation anywhere and anytime with the help of a tireless and always available native speech model.   Sanako Corporation is a Finnish educational technology company with… Read More »