Thank you for your interest in the Sanako Anywhere web-based language learning solution.  Launch your Chrome Web Browser (it must be using Chrome and not any other web browser) and go to to make a start.  Download the guides and watch the videos below to see what you can do with this unique language learning solution.


Sanako Anywhere is a simple step-by-step solution for handing out, receiving and providing teacher comments to both oral and written language learning material.  It is simple, logical and powerful.

See what it can do for you as a teacher and as a student by looking at the following step-by-step procedures Teacher and Student Flowcharts on how to use Sanako Anywhere


glyphicons_077_headsetSanako Anywhere is a multi platform system to either enhance our existing range of digital language centres or can be used as an independent system. 

glyphicons_077_headsetAny combination of Windows, MAC, ChromeBooks, iOS and Android devices can be used and the licensing is based on concurrent active users for a better return on investment. 

glyphicons_077_headsetThe interfaces are intuitive and all the recordings and data are stored securely and safely in the cloud. 

glyphicons_077_headsetTeachers can upload existing lesson files and/or create authored exercises quickly and easily. 

glyphicons_077_headsetYour students can then open the lesson files for listening and speaking activities including both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting activities. 

glyphicons_077_headsetThe unique Voice Insert feature makes so much possible and all student work is automatically handed back to the teacher for review and comment. 

glyphicons_077_headsetThe teacher comments can then be listened to by the student and this iterative process can take place as many times as the teacher wants.


This all sounds great …. what do I do now? Read on…

What you need to do now as a teacher

You should have already been sent an email already with your login details and teacher activation code?  These are ESSENTIAL when creating a teacher account to the Sanako Anywhere system.  If you don’t have it or can’t find it then just ask us using the form at the bottom of the page and we will be delighted to send you the details.

You should download and open the following Quick Teacher Guide for Sanako Anywhere

You should also watch the following videos Sanako Anywhere Video Playlist on YouTube

If you want to simply get your students to hand-in some free recordings please read LL18 – Sanako Anywhere – Collecting student recordings

If you want to get your students to send you written work that you can add oral comments to and return then please read LL19 – Sanako Anywhere – Collecting and reviewing student textual work

What you need to get your students to do

Sanako Anywhere Student Card IconGive your students a copy of the Student Card.

Click the image open a full size version to download and print.


Get your students to download and open the following Quick Student Guide for Sanako Anywhere

They should also watch the following video to see how to use the Sanako Anywhere web recorder 


Is there anything else I should know?


Whenever you use an audio based language learning solution the quality of the sound card and headset are vital to ensuring a good experience.  Please contact us for any advice or support.


 What if I have any problems or questions during my trial

Any problems, any questions, anything… just contact us and we are always very happy to help!  Please use this contact form as well if you want to request a free trial of Sanako Anywhere.

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