Android version of Pronounce Live

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Android Version of Pronounce Live

Sanako are delighted to announce that a public beta version of Pronounce Live for Android is available.

More to come.



Main difficulties when learning a language

What are the main difficulties when learning a language?  A report from the EU states the following factors.

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The whole of the right hand side of this chart could be helped using Sanako solutions – 50% of the difficulties improved.  We are not saying that we have all the answers but when used as part of a blended solution we can offer significant proven benefits to language learning.

Feel ashamed when speaking in class – not with a language lab!  Speak confidently and independently in safety.  Speak to your tutor in confidence for advice and support.

No access to native speakers – our Pronounce software uses the very latest Text-To-Speech (TTS) technologies so that students can hear truly authentic pronunciation of any given text.

Not enough time – all students can practice independent listening and speaking activities at the same time in a Sanako language learning environment.

It’s all about opinions but we believe that we can help overcome many of the main difficulties when learning a language.  Contact us at and we would be delighted to help you.

2017 Summer Newsletter

Summer 2017 Newsletter

The Power of a Language Mentor

Newsletter Contents

• The power of a language mentor
• Intuitive and reliable software
• Preparing for A-level
• Developing independent listening skills
• Best return on investment


Why a Sanako software maintenance contract makes complete sense

A Sanako software maintenance contract costs a lot less than you think!  You simply pay this relatively small amount every year and we keep you on the latest software version and fully supported.  The aim is simply to ensure long-term customer success and satisfaction.

Investing in language learning technology is a long term commitment – not only in the initial expenditure but the on-going staff training and we are with you all the way. Our record is one of continuous development from our 100% in-house team in Finland.  The chart below shows the long term and continuous commitment we have made and will continue to make in our products.

Staying up to date is important from a technical point of view (for example to be fully compliant with Windows 10) but perhaps more importantly from the point of view of making sure the software is being used to improve learning.  By having your software maintenance contract with Sanako you will not only save money by avoiding having to pay for upgrades but you will have peace of mind knowing your investment is protected and working for you and your students.  We look forward to helping you and if you would like to know more contact us at

Our free student recording software just got MP3 better!

Our free student 2-track recording software – Study LITE – now allows you save your recordings in MP3 format.

Study Lite

The free software works great for language learning at home but is best when combined with a Sanako Study 700 or 1200 language lab.