Lab 100

Digital Hardware Language Laboratory Lab 100 is an extremely versatile hardware based language laboratory which can be wall mounted, desk mounted or mobile to ensure maximum flexibility. This robust system meets every hardware users need.  The teacher has a PC with a software control interface and the students have a hardware user panel.


Lab 100 – The Plug & Play Language Laboratory

Today’s professional language laboratories are available in many versions from software computer based systems to the more traditional hardware systems. Hardware systems such as the versatile Sanako Lab 100 are small & discreet in their design but powerful enough to meet the needs of Languages Departments who do not want to invest in a computer network and computer for every student. Although many institutions have a Lab 100 supporting their main ICT system, such as Sanako Study 1200, the Lab 100 is more than capable of delivering effective language teaching through more traditional methods on its own. Although Simple to use in any of its versions such as;

  • Wall mounted to enable a multi-purpose classroom.
  • Mobile trolley versions allowing any classroom to become a language laboratory.
  • Traditional perimeter or standard desk mounted versions for dedicated classrooms.

The Lab 100 digital language laboratory is an ideal tool to use for drill techniques and some of its more advanced features make it the ideal system for all audio based teaching. Lab 100 is unique in its design incorporating all the features of a traditional cassette based language laboratory but in a digital format. Being a digital system it also has the added benefits of low maintenance, requiring only one PC for the teacher with students using digital handsets. It can be connected to the school network/VLE allowing remote learning & pod casting via existing PC’s and is MP3 compatible.

  • Live Professional Audio Quality

Sanako Lab 100 uses live professional quality audio for all monitor, intercom, pairing and general communication activities. Any files which need to be saved are saved as MP3 by default.

  • Consecutive & Simultaneous Interpreting

Basic interpreter training routines are included as standard. These allow students to listen to a live or pre-recorded source on one channel and record their translation “live” and simultaneously on another channel with the advanced software merging the two. Alternatively, a pre-recorded file can be used allowing students to translate in segments for consecutive interpreting. All recordings can be collected back for evaluation.

  • Listening Comprehension

The tutor can send out the same audio file to all students to listen to at their own pace or play this to them at a given pace under teacher control.  The unique Library Mode allows the teacher to give any audio file to any student in seconds – they could all be listening to something different if you wanted.  Complete differentiation.

  • Model Imitation

The tutor can conduct listen & repeat, question & answer or even translation activities to the whole class. No need to have prepared anything – just use your voice.

  • Student Recording

This activity enables students to freely record themselves and practice their pronunciation & intonation. Student’s recordings are automatically collected

  • Telephone Mode

Have class telephone conversations in a target language between students. Student’s recordings are automatically collected.

  • Random Pairing

Students can randomly be set up in pairs to simulate role play scenarios, odd students are automatically connected to a pair to ensure that no one is left out. The tutor can monitor and support any pair at any time and collect back recordings.

  • Multiple Mixed Ability Groups

All classes have students with different abilities, the colour coded method of differentiation and separation allows tutors to clearly identify and support students who need it the most whilst more capable students can continue without distraction.

  • Examination Mode

Tutor controlled public examination routines by automatically locking down the player and restricted student access to selected files. This system also has automatic file collection (MP3) at the end of the exercise so it can also be used for oral assessment routines.

  • Audio on Demand

This activity allows students to access files from the network (with tutor permission) without the need for a tutor being present making it ideal for self-study work.

  • Multiple Choice Quiz

Should the tutor wish to set or ask a series of multiple choice questions requiring the student to select the correct answer via multiple option buttons.

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Rugged and Reliable

This traditional type of language teaching has proven successful for many years. Lab 100 has been at the forefront of this technology for quite some time engaging students with a minimum of technology in front of them which can sometimes cause a distraction.

Software support

Sanako Lab 100 is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Students using Lab 100

Students engaged in a multimedia lesson