SANAKO Pronounce Voice Recognition and Assessment Software

Sanako Pronounce is the world’s first software package designed to improve the pronunciation skills of today’s language learner. It can be used either individually, by group or by class.


Pronounce – Voice Recognition and Assessment Software

Many Modern Foreign languages teachers would agree that enabling students to achieve the correct pronunciation of words and phrases is vital to their understanding of a language and improve linguistic skills overall.

Sanako Pronounce brings a new and exciting dimension to the way of practicing pronunciation skills. Language teachers can use ready-made phrases or create their own from simple text documents enabling students to significantly improve their pronunciation skills.

Sanako Pronounce is quick, easy to use and effective! Listen to a phrase, read the text and phonetics and then simply record yourself saying the same phrase to compare with the original model. When you are happy then simply move on to the next phrase. Sanako Pronounce will automatically compare your recording with the original and give an assessment of your accuracy in the target language, highlighting any errors allowing you to repeat the exercise if required. By using the very latest and highest quality Sanako authentic Text-To-Speech technology the teacher does not need to record the model phrases themselves, simply type or copy text from any source. For example, copy and paste text from a web page or an existing document and the software will create the audio and phonetics automatically.

All the most common languages are supported such as English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian and Welsh with many more to follow soon! The students simply choose whether the voice will be male or female and select their ability level. Students can also vary the playback speed of the model if required and accordingly the amount of recording time is automatically increased by a corresponding amount. Sanako Pronounce is ideal for use in Open Access Centres, Libraries and of course the classroom. Should the lesson consist of multiple students, working on different languages and with different ability levels, then the teacher can remotely monitor the progress of all students simultaneously and collect back their work for later assessment and discussion. Sanako Pronounce can be installed as an individual, a dedicated system or can be offered as an optional module for your Sanako Study 1200 language lab system.

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