Pronounce Live

To support students’ speaking practice at home, Sanako has launched an on-line version of its very popular Pronounce product – no installation or downloads are required, it is an online subscription for pronunciation practice using Windows, MACs, Chromebooks, iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

Anyone can try this out for themselves by opening the Google Chrome browser, visiting the Pronounce Live website and signing up for a free trial.



glyphicons_077_headset  Need some help in improving your pronunciation, but don’t have anyone to practise with? Pronounce Live might just be the solution! Pronounce Live is a web application for pronunciation practice.

glyphicons_077_headset  You can listen to authentic speech models read any text or words, record your own voice for comparison and receive immediate feedback.

glyphicons_077_headset  With only three steps, students can receive instant feedback to improving their target language pronunciation:

  1. Listen to the Model Pronunciation
  2. Record your own voice
  3. Get immediate feedback

glyphicons_077_headset  Anyone can try this out for themselves by opening the Google Chrome browser, visiting the Pronounce Live website and signing up for a free trial. No automatic subscription after trial. No payment information required.  Also available as an Android app from the Google Play store and soon from the Apple Store for iOS.

glyphicons_077_headset   Use any content that suits your personal goals best – just copy and paste it and Pronounce Live will automatically divide the text into exercise sentences for you to practice with.

glyphicons_077_headset  Color coding will mark words to focus on, and you also get an overall score for your pronunciation. Compete against yourself, the perfect score is only a syllable away!

Please note that the product currently works on PC, Mac, Chromebook, iOS and Android devices.


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