Sanako Anywhere

A multi platform online solution to enhance digital language learning by allowing students to use both in the classroom and outside for learning at home or on the move.

Available on a subscription basis – simple to use and can be used to learn any language.

Online listening and speaking activities with a unique set of teacher authoring and oral  feedback tools.

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glyphicons_077_headset Sanako Anywhere can be purchased as an annual subscription – making it affordable and flexible to your changing needs.

glyphicons_077_headset Sanako Anywhere can be added to your Study language lab to provide a seamless link to remote users to provide reinforcement by students@home after the lesson.  Give out and hand-in oral based work and gather evidence of student oral attainment and teacher feedback.  Sanako Anywhere adds to what you already have in your Study language lab without changing what you already do.

glyphicons_077_headset Create fully authored self-marking multimedia exercises that include free recording, question & answer, matching, gap-fill, free-text exercises – all with full WYSIWYG HTML editing capabilities.  Watch this video to see how to use the Editor Mode of Sanako Anywhere.

glyphicons_077_headset Sanako Anywhere can be used to teach any language at any level using your existing materials such as documents, presentations, web pages but most of all audio and video content to make use of the Voice Insert feature to add oral comments and/or responses.  Ideal for speaking test preparation.  

glyphicons_077_headset Students can record on their own hardware** in their own time and teachers can add oral comments for qualitative assessmentCorrect their pronunciation or suggest improvements by telling them – much easier to say how to say something than to try and write how it should be said!

** All we need is a device that has Google Chrome Desktop Browser installed or an iPad/Android tablet device.  Please contact if you have any questions.

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