Sanako BSL SignLab Multi Media Sign Language Centre

The joy of communication is not a privilege it is a basic human right. To support this statement Sanako have developed the world’s first BSL SIGN Language lab, thus enhancing the learning skills of the student and enabling the tutor to interact with multiple students ensuring no one is left out. This exciting system has been developed specifically to make the effective learning of British Sign Language stimulating and fun.


SignLab – Multi Media Sign Language Centre

With Sanako BSL SignLab you can simultaneously play source video and record signing and/or speech – all you need is a PC (network) with a desk top/Web camera. This intuitive system enables a single tutor to work with multiple students simultaneously making the best use of time and resources. Sanako BSL SignLab is compatible with the most common video and audio file formats. In addition, you can play back a file while recording your signing. You can open two files at the same time and play them simultaneously, and the playback of the two files can be easily synchronized. This way you can, for example, compare the two videos together in real time, to make self-assessments or to review student recordings.

  • Compare and combine videos easily
  • Simultaneously record your signing and source video
  • Practice sign language interpretation
  • Picture-in-Picture recording
  • Stream live web camera across local network
  • Can be used outside the class for self-study

You can merge the source video and audio with your own recording by using Picture in Picture recording. This makes easy evaluation and self-assessment available without the need to synchronize separate files.

  • Watch and Repeat. The tutor would send a series of hand actions, via their web cam, to their students, perhaps a set of model words and phrases. The student simply selects the tutor as a video source and records their own actions and the tutor as picture-in-picture for live tutor assessment. Alternatively, the student can save their own video work for later self-assessment or to hand in to the tutor or peers.
  • Watch and Speak. The tutor could transmit or use MMS streaming of a video file to students who would watch and carry out live translation of what they see. Students can record via their own webcam and mix the original video with their own commentary. Once again these files can be saved or sent to tutors and peers for assessment.
  • Watch video and Record Audio Commentary. In this Lip Reading activity the tutor can either do a live broadcast, send a file or stream video whilst the student simply focusses on the lip movements, the student then has the option of simply recording a commentary of what is being said, recording what is being said via sign language or of course both. As with all Sanako products work can be saved for later evaluation.
  • Hide My Image While recording. This closes the preview of your webcam recording so you don’t see your own image while recording to avoid distractions and really test yourself.
  • Mirror Image Facility. Use the mirror image Command to reverse the camera view along its vertical
  • Subtitles. You can add short text to the preview or file, for example your name, exam identification etc.

Sanako BSL Sign Lab can be installed as a dedicated system or can be offered as an optional module for your Sanako Study 1200 language lab system.

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Software support

Windows 7 (Ultimate and Enterprise versions) All editions of Windows 8 and 10 are supported. Please note that XP is not supported.