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EFL & TESOL Multi Media Language Centre A ready-made English language laboratory with Oxford University Press content, based upon our extremely popular Study range of products, this “turn on & teach” system combines the best of both worlds.


Study English – the language lab with content

The teaching and learning of English as a foreign, second or other language is a global activity carried out by thousands of tutors to hundreds of thousands of students every day. To enhance this experience Sanako has worked closely with Oxford University Press to create what is quite literally a turn on & teach system for the learning of English as language. The enhanced Text-to-Speech technology developed by Sanako delivers high quality audio with an authentic British-English accent voice pack, simply copy a piece of text from any source such as a web page, document or simply enter your own text, chose your gender and let the system do the rest. The advanced Sanako voice sampling technology will take this text, convert it into an audio file, add the corresponding subtitles and send it to each student to work on individually. Oxford University Press, famous for its course books and especially their English for Life package, which is extremely popular around the world, wherever the teaching of the English as a foreign language is taking place. Working with Sanako this popular series of course books was developed into an interactive multimedia package designed to fully integrate with Sanako Study English delivering an engaging and stimulating experience for the student and tutor. When combined Study English and English for Life enables students to work through the interactive course book completing pre-prepared exercises with automatic assessment of completed student work. The tutor is always on hand to monitor, intervene and support multiple students as required. Study English and English for Life is also available on iPad and Android Tablet devices.

  • Live Professional Audio Quality

Sanako Study English uses live professional quality audio for all monitor, intercom, pairing and general communication activities. Any files which need to be saved are MP3 as default.

  • OUP English for Life Series

Interactive speaking, listening and reading activities with integral assessment including live tutor support and interaction

  • Examination Mode

Tutor controlled public examination routines by automatically locking down the computer and restricted student access to selected files. This system also has automatic file collection (MP3) at the end of the exercise so it can also be used for assessment routines.

  • Sanako Everyday English Content Series

Interactive speaking, listening and reading activities with integral assessment including live tutor support and interaction

  • Tutor Controlled Playlists

Multiple tutors can set up student playlists from anywhere, thus allowing lesson plans to automatically appear as soon as a student logs in to the system. Precious time is saved ensuring that different ability students receive the correct exercises immediately.

  • Multiple Mixed Ability Groups

All classes have students with different abilities, this colour coded method of differentiation and separation allows tutors to clearly identify and support students who need it the most whilst more capable students can continue without distraction.

  • Automatic Voice Insert Technology

Simple gap filling exercises can easily be created by asking a series of questions, there is no need to leave pre-recorded “gaps” as Study English will automatically sense when a student is about to speak and record their voice. The student can speak for as long as they like as the next question will not begin until the student finishes recording. Once again these responses can be automatically collected making this facility ideal for oral assessment routines.

  • English Vocabulary Testing Activity

Create your own or download prepared exercises from the Sanako “LanguagePoint” for timed vocabulary testing activities. Automatic assessment allows the tutor to share common mistakes with individual students, group or class.

  • Random Pairing Routines

Students can randomly be set up in pairs to simulate role play scenarios, odd students are automatically connected to a pair to ensure that no one is left out. The tutor can monitor and support any pair at any time and collect back recordings.

  • Model Student Imitation Activity

The tutor can randomly select a student to be broadcast to the rest of the group or class as an example of good practice. This can be an audio only based broadcast or the tutor can choose to broadcast the selected students screen and internet audio if required.

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EFL and TESOL Content from OUP


Oxford University Press English for Life is an easy-to-use English course with a straightforward approach to learning. The content has a real-life language focus through practical expressions and English for Everyday Life lessons. The lessons can be launched to students with the Content Exercise activity in Study or made available for self-study with the Self-Access activity.

Software support

All editions of Windows 7, 8 and 10 are supported. Please note that XP is not supported.