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SANAKO Study Primary is the only software language laboratory with optional iPad and android modules that has been specifically designed for KS2. It is the ideal platform for little linguists to begin their language learning journey combining the four key skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening.


Study Primary – KS2 software language laboratory

SANAKO Study Primary comes with a complete content package in line with the 2014 national curriculum for KS2. It is the first fully integrated language teaching solution of its kind, combining content and teacher control.

The Content and Lesson plans which come as standard, save time and preparation for teachers, with 24 topic modules and an additional 12 core modules to work through in both French and Spanish.

Pupils can immerse themselves in their French or Spanish and work their way through exercises set by the teacher at their own pace.

Teachers can fully supervise each pupil by listening in, locking out unrequired programmes and web pages and support individual pupils and the class simultaneously.


Spanish - What do you like doing exercise
Want to know how Study Primary can work with the Sanako Solo App for iPad and Android? Contact our UK office to find out more!

The Sanako Study Primary Language Lab functions include:

  • Live Professional Audio Quality

Sanako Study Primary uses live professional quality audio for all communication activities. Any files which need to be saved are MP3 as default.

  • Teacher Controlled Playlists

Multiple tutors can set up student playlists from anywhere, thus allowing lesson plans to automatically appear as soon as a student logs in to the system. Precious time is saved ensuring that different ability students receive the correct exercises immediately.

  • Multiple Mixed Ability Groups

All classes have pupils with different abilities, this colour coded method of differentiation and separation allows teachers to clearly identify and support students who need it the most whilst more capable students can continue without distraction.

  • Automatic Voice Insert Technology

Simple gap filling exercises can easily be created by asking a series of questions, there is no need to leave pre-recorded “gaps” as Study Primary will automatically sense when a pupil is about to speak and record their voice. The pupil can speak for as long as they like as the next question will not begin until they finish recording. Once again these responses can be automatically collected making this facility ideal for oral assessment routines.

  • Model Pupil Imitation Activity

The tutor can randomly select a student to be broadcast to the rest of the group or class as an example of good practice. This can be an audio only based broadcast or the tutor can choose to broadcast the selected students screen and internet audio if required.

  • Live Feedback

Pupils can often be shy when asking for help as they do not want their fellow classmates to know when they are struggling. This reluctance can be eliminated using the Live Feedback tool otherwise known as the Traffic Light function! Engaging this mode allows pupils to select a red, yellow or green light to indicate privately on the teacher’s screen if they need help or not. It can also be used for Question and Answer activities – the possibilities with your Sanako Study Primary are endless!

With Sanako Study Primary, teachers who are confident linguists can create their own exercises or use the provided content to support your lesson plans. But the great thing is you do not need to be a fluent linguist to teach the KS2 curriculum with Study Primary!

Sanako Study Primary is entirely customisable to fit the needs of each teacher and school. To find out how we can make it work for you, please fill out the contact form or email

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Study Primary is entirely customisable to the needs of your school. Only have one PC? No problem! Only have iPads or android tablets? Not an issue! To discuss how Study Primary can benefit your pupils’ language learning experience, contact us on:

Email us at or call us 0113 3854670

Software support

All editions of Windows 7, 8 and 10 are supported. Please note that XP is not supported.


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