Study Lite

Study Lite is the extension of Study range of language centres which can be installed on home PC’s or laptops to support independent language learning either at home or around campus.

Here’s a link to the basic user guide Study LITE Recorder – Student Training Guide

Study Lite






All you need is a Windows device (7, 8 or 10) with a headset and/or built-in microphone and speakers.  It’s very easy to use and only provides you with those essential features that support language learning, such as

  • voice recording – MP3, WMA and WAV formats
  • playback of existing audio and video material – all formats supported by WM Player
  • 2-track voice recording – record your voice along with the source material
  • bookmarks to come back to set points instantly
  • recap (hear the last sentence)
  • repeat a section of audio/video
  • and the unique Voice Insert mode for listen & repeat or question & answer activities

Unlike some of the other free audio recording software out there, we have not added features such as echo, reverse, high-pass filters, beeps and wah-wah effects as they offer nothing of any use to language learning – we have kept things simple and the other advantage is that the software looks and feels exactly the same as the software in the language lab – learn one and you learn both!

All of us in the Sanako UK team hope that you enjoy using this software and that it helps to inspire a new generation of language learners.  Ideal for individual users at home and can be used by up to 5-off users in a School, College or University.  For any larger numbers you must have purchased a SITE license for the school.

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