Study V9 Released – CIS

We have now released Sanako Study V9. This version will introduce two exciting new learning activities: Video Pairing and Conference Interpreting System CIS

The Video Pairing activity allows you to set up student pairs for a video chat using the students’ Webcam images, while the Conference Interpreting activity (CIS) provides an authentic interpretation training environment that builds on any existing Study installation to provide a fully professional Interpreter training facility at a fraction of the expense of hardware solutions.

·         The solution is a software-only digital solution and does not require any expensive dedicated or proprietary hardware.

·         You are not limited to using the solution in one room as you are with cabled hardware solutions.  Provides both flexibility and growth potential.

·         All audio is saved as dual-track MP3 files to allow for subsequent marking

·         Any audio can be uploaded to the cloud immediately via the Anywhere link in the Playlist

·         The operator interfaces are industry standard in their layout and use so that Interpreters can move to the hardware solutions with ease.

·         Interpreters can use headsets or gooseneck microphones.  Our system allows for any type to suit their preference.

·         All the standard naming and techniques are used such as delegates, interpreters, chair and observers.  Audio selections include the floor and selected interpreter channels.

·         The solution can be used for both Interpreter training and real conferences.  Create a revenue stream for your institution by offering the full conference interpreting facilities to local businesses.

·         The system allows for a wide variety of text feedback and messaging between all parties to add to the audio experience.

·         The chair can monitor delegates and interpreters as and when required via audio, text and screen monitoring techniques.