Using the Study Recorder for English GCSE Speaking Assessments

There are now several new GCSE Specifications for English that include the mandatory requirement for students to submit recorded work in multimedia format – typically worth between 15 and 20% of the course total.

The types of activities that can be assessed are;

  • Group Discussion
  • Arguing and Persuading
  • Interviewing
  • Explaining
  • Describing
  • Narrating

After any of the above activities the students should then also; listen to others’ recordings and state reasons for agreement, summarise the common themes and selected students can follow up by creating and publishing a multimedia presentation (as a way of exemplification).

Why not use the free Study LITE Recorder to allow students to record their own voice or add a commentary to an existing audio or video file.  Far easier to use than Audacity!  In addition, and uniquely, once students have saved their recordings then why not use the Voice Insert feature to provide plenary feedback.  Simply click to insert oral comments into the recordings.

Click here to go to our free download page for the Study LITE Recorder

Why not develop this use to the Study SOLO Recorder and add the ability for students to create fully authored multimedia presentations based on their recordings.  Add text subtitles, images to appear throughout that support the audio/video and link to other online resources via the HTML exercise window.  Once again, any presentation created can be commented upon for plenary feedback using the Voice Insert feature.

Click here to go to our download page for the Study SOLO Recorder *

* this software requires a paid for token – please email for pricing details

To see what this software can do for your students please take a look at the YouTube Channel link below

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