Bring the language lab to your tablet with Sanako Solo for Android and iPad

Language learning anytime, anywhere: let students start an exercise in class and continue at home, and hand in their work anywhere in between. Students can connect to and work with the same course materials wherever they are.



Manage classes and assign lessons to students + review student work and give feedback

Get your students to listen to key phrases and repeat – maybe prepare your students for their speaking tests by getting them to record their answers to likely questions.

Students can insert their oral responses into the original recording.

The student recordings are automatically saved online for you to listen to and give oral feedback.


Access your classes and lessons and do exercises

Listen to audio – then record your voice for immediate comparison.

All recordings are automatically saved online and can be listened to and graded by the teacher.

The teacher can add voice comments or commentary to the recordings for qualitative feedback – telling you exactly how it should be said or where there’s room for improvement.

Sanako Solo App hierarchy

All files are stored on the server. Teachers log in with their computer to manage files and then use the Sanako Solo App on their tablet to review student work. Students use the Sanako Solo App on their tablets to complete exercises.


  • Supports learning from beginner through to advanced levels
  • Can be used to learn any language – from ESOL to WL and international students
  • All common media file formats are supported
  • Enables anytime, anywhere learning using your existing materials
  • Allows teachers to provide oral and qualitative feedback to student recordings – ideal for listen & repeat, question & answer and translation exercises
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Sanako Solo is the free app interface to a subscription based service. You can explore the solution with sample exercises. Subscription is needed for creating and editing your own files, student recordings and teacher comments.

For more details of how to subscribe please contact and we will be delighted to help.