Sanako Lab 300

A combination of software and hardware that provides you with high quality audio along with the use of computers.

The Lab 300 can be installed into an existing computer classroom, creating a versatile language-learning center.You can easily digitize existing teaching materials, and use a wide range of media sources to add variety and depth to lessons.

  • Engage students to learn languages by doing
  • Develop lessons easily
  • Individualize teaching
  • Monitor and record students’ progress
  • Choose any content: traditional analog sources can be used alongside digital and even Internet material
  • Wide array of activities available
  • Podcasting available
  • Convert analog material to digital automatically
  • Let students evaluate themselves by recording speech and exercises
  • Self-study possibilities to improve listening and speaking skills

What can you do with Sanako Lab 300?

 Convert your Existing Audio Tapes

Save time and expense due to the way that Lab 300 automatically digitizes and prompts you to save your files every time you use any taped material within your lessons. Build up your library of digitized materials for use within the lesson or for self-access purposes.


You can speak to the entire class or to a selected group, as well as listen to a selected student and participate in a student’s activity. You can select students to work in groups, pairs, or to simulate telephone calls to each other.


Lab 300 counts and grades the answers to multiple-choice exercises, with results immediately displayed on a graph using the Response Analyzer function. You can save Students’ voice responses to oral tests on a cassette tape or copied digitally onto the server.

 Manage the Classroom

With Lab 300, you can launch and close programs, copy and launch files on student PCs, shut down, restart and logoff the student PCs, and control the students’ web browsers.

 Use External Sources

The Program Source Control is integrated directly into the Lab 300 Teacher Software. For example, an external audio or video recorder or a CD player on the teacher’s PC can be used as a Program Source. Four different program sources can be transferred to four different groups simultaneously.

 File Packaging

The file packaging feature allows you to package or zip material that is created outside of the school environment. This gives you greater flexibility in creating teaching material, as it can be done off-site, e.g. at home, and easily used at school during classroom teaching.

 Record Students

With two tracks for use – one for the program, the other for student recordings – digital learning material is played on the program track, and students can record their responses on the student track.

 Recommended accessory: headphones

Sanako Headset SLH-07 complements the renowned audio quality of all Sanako products. It is specifically designed for demanding education environments. Replaceable ear cushions and removable cable on the Sanako Headset allows for on-site replacement to extend the product lifetime even further.Headphones SLH-07