First, you need to download Sanako Pronounce software from the Pronounce download site.
Download Pronounce

The download is an exe file. Run the PronounceInstaller.exe file and follow the instructions of the installation program.

When you start the software you will be asked for a license token. Enter the token information you have received from Sanako by email and click Activate license.

pronounce install 8 pronounce install 9_2

If the license activation was successful, Sanako Pronounce starts up. It briefly displays a screen with license and version information and then loads the main application window.

Once you have got your system up and running, you are good to go ahead and start practicing. We recommend that you register your license with us at some point. If you are a software maintenance customer, you can get your free upgrade tokens only to your registered email address.


Sanako Pronounce may be used with the default text-to-speech voices in the Windows operating system. However, the text-to-speech voices are optimised for speaking a certain language, so for the best experience you should use a voice that matches the language being exercised. We recommend employing the high-quality voices offered by Sanako.

Listen to available voices

Please note that each voice item will require a separate software token.

For more information on acquiring text-to-speech voices, please contact your regional Sanako reseller.
Find your Sanako reseller



The speech recognition features, including phonetic transcriptions, correct and incorrect words and pronunciation scores, require a Microsoft Windows speech recognition engine for the language used. Speech recognition engines are included Microsoft Windows operating systems and their additional user interface languages (Microsoft User Interface Language Packs).

If your operating system does not include a speech recognition engine for the currently selected language, the above features are unavailable and you will also see a yellow triangle icon at the bottom right corner of Pronounce. Clicking the icon will give the following error message.

speech recog error

For more information on how to add languages to your operating system, please see the Microsoft Windows Web site

Please note that you may also select whether you want to display the individual speech recognition features in the Edit menu.