Why do this?  You can either prevent or allow students to use certain applications.  For example, if your lesson only requires students to have access to say Word and PowerPoint then you can select just those two applications and no others will work.  This ensures student focus and you can be 100% confident that your students can’t launch anything else!

There are two clear options for you as a teacher to consider –
OPTION 1 – do you want to only allow your students to launch certain applications?
OPTION 2 – are there any applications that you want to prevent students from launching?

Click the PC control icon shown to the left and then select the Block applications option from the drop-down menu.
The Block applications window (shown below) will appear in the middle of the screen.

To prevent students from launching certain applications.
Tick the applications from the list in the top area.
Click Prevent

To allow students to only launch certain applications.
Tick the applications from the list in the bottom area.
Click Allow


If you feel that there may be some applications not listed then click the icon near the top right of the Block application screen shown here with an orange square round it.    This will update the list so that any newly launched applications are added to the list.

If you want to block applications for just one selected student then you can click the Target drop-down menu shown below and select an individual or group of students.