If the teacher clicks the Live feedback icon a three-bar graph appears along with a % for each of the three colours – Red, Amber and Green.
Asking for lesson feedback 1
Students will then see three new icons appear above the Call icon of their player. The system assumes that the green icon has been clicked until the user selects either the amber or red option.
Asking for lesson feedback 2
Once a student clicks one of the three colours their choice will be shown to the teacher on the corresponding student icon Asking for lesson feedback 3 and the % values will change on the tutor graph.

Why do this? Ask your students if they are ready to carry on for example – green for YES, red for NO and amber for NOT SURE. You may have given the students three things to do and you could ask them to change their feedback as the lesson progresses – green as they work on the first thing, amber for the second, red for the third and Call when complete.