Give students a file to work on at their own pace 1
If you want to give a file to your students so that they can open it up and work on it at their own pace then it’s as easy as 1 -2 -3.
1. Click on the Playlist icon
2. Click on the Add icon and browse for the file you want your students to work on
3. The file will then be listed in the top section of the playlist and will also appear in the playlist area of the student player as shown below.
Give students a file to work on at their own pace 2
When the teacher has added any files to the Playlist then the students can simply double-click on the file to open it.

Tips: You can add as many files as you want to the list and of any type e.g. Audio, Video, Pictures, Documents, Presentations, Web links etc…
You can Copy and Paste to the Playlist area
You can Drag and Drop to the Playlist area
Make sure you delete files in the playlist at the end of the lesson to make sure you start the next lesson with a blank playlist
Make use of individual Tutor playlists
See the Study instruction videos for information on how to use the Playlist