How to perform a drill type activity 1

Why do this? Ideal preparation for listen and repeat exercises; listen and translate routines or perhaps question and answer sessions. Save time by doing this to the whole class at once.

Once you press the End icon the following screen appears.
How to perform a drill type activity 2
Click the Collect icon and every student recording will be collected as an individual file to the location specified as an MP3 file.
The files will be named according to name given under each student icon on the teacher screen e.g. predhead.mp3, jsmith.mp3.

Tip: The recordings will only contain the student responses and will not include the teacher voice. However, if you want to collect your voice as well then you can select the Advanced icon in the window shown above and tick the option to collect the Program track.

You may also want to use a different audio source from that of your voice. To do this simply, click the Media source selection drop-down menu and you could for example select an existing MP3 file or use an audio CD.
How to perform a drill type activity 3