How to record and collect student recordings automatically 1

Once you press the End icon – the following screen appears.
How to record and collect student recordings automatically 2
Click the Collect icon and every student recording will be collected as an individual file to the location specified as an MP3 file.
The files will be named according to name given under each student icon on the teacher screen e.g. predhead.mp3, jsmith.mp3.

Why do this? Ideal preparation for speaking tests – simply provides students with a topic area and then allows them to speak for a given time and collect their recordings back. Once collected you can double click on any file and play it back through the class speakers for peer-assessment.

Tip: Here are some ideas of how you can use the Reading practice activity
• Ask your students to tell you “what you did at the weekend?”
• Ask your students to “tell you about their holidays”
• Ask your students to “describe their family”
• Simply get students to record themselves speaking their presentation that they have been preparing for their speaking test.
• Ask students to read out an article from a newspaper
• Ask students to talk about a topical subject from today’s news