How to create a vocabulary test 1
1. Select the Vocabulary test option from the Activity selection drop-down menu.
2. Click New to open the Vocabulary test creator window below.
How to create a vocabulary test 2
3. Give your test a name
4. Is the test timed or not? Do you want to use all words?
5. Enter your list of words and their translation(s)
6. Add instructions, tips or hints?
7. Save your test!

Tip: If you want to allow multiple answers then separate each answer with a comma – see below for an example.
How to create a vocabulary test 3

You can copy and paste existing vocab lists from Excel – simply select the columns from Excel and Copy. If you then right click on the top left box of the vocabulary test creator you can select the paste option as shown here.
How to create a vocabulary test 4

Why not use some of our own ready-made vocab lists that cover all the vocabulary lists from AQA, EDEXCEL and OCR and have been broken down into topic/subject areas? Download them here.