Eurovision Song Contest 2017

The Eurovision playlists have been subscribed to on YouTube, and as ever, it’s disappointing for we linguists to see just how few are being sung in a language other than English.

Even the French have cheated a little this time – although Alma sings Requiem entirely in French in her official video (below) it looks like she’ll sing the chorus in English for the actual contest.

Undeterred, The LanguagePoint has taken the complete French version to present some ideas on using the song for French language teaching – mostly around verbs.

There are also a couple of items on Eurovision for teaching English as a Foreign Language, which you can find here.

And if you are wondering why I get so caught up in Eurovision, then you must have missed my post a couple of years ago explaining all!

13th May can’t come soon enough!

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Author imageI am passionate about supporting language teachers from around the world and sharing ideas for our hugely demanding, yet rewarding profession! From classroom teacher and Director of Language College to creator of The LanguagePoint and Communications Office of NALA, I have many years’ experience in tackling the challenges we face daily in teaching.

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