Free trial – Pronounce Live!

The good people at Sanako are offering a free trial of their latest on-line product – Pronounce Live!

To support students’ speaking practice at home, Sanako has launched an on-line version of its very popular Pronounce product – no installation or downloads are required, and so it is a true online solution for pronunciation practice.


With only three steps, students can receive instant feedback to improving their target language pronunciation:

  1. Listen to the Model Pronunciation
  2. Record your own voice
  3. Get immediate feedback


You can try this out for yourself by opening your Google Chrome browser , visiting the Pronounce Live website and registering for a new account using the activation token skOmEnC5fU

The video above, and the help menu (click the question mark once you’re on the website) should help you navigate the site, which you’ll be able to use completely free of charge until the end of November. If you like it, you can then chat to the people at Sanako about having it for keeps!



Please note that the product currently works on PC, Mac, Chromebook and some Android

About the Author Marie O'Sullivan

Author imageI am passionate about supporting language teachers from around the world and sharing ideas for our hugely demanding, yet rewarding profession! From classroom teacher and Director of Language College to creator of The LanguagePoint and Communications Office of NALA, I have many years’ experience in tackling the challenges we face daily in teaching.

2 responses to “Free trial – Pronounce Live!

  1. Hello,

    I am interested in this app for my students but currently I see that you don’t have any support for Vietnamese. I would like it know whether you are going to be adding support for Vietnamese in the future? If so I would be interested to trial it for Vietnamese.

    P.S. I got the following error when
    Toimitus seuraaville vastaanottajille tai ryhmille epäonnistui:
    Viestiä ei voida toimittaa, koska toimittamista tähän osoitteeseen on rajoitettu.
    Lisätietoja ongelmasta: Exchange Onlinen DSN-koodi 5.7.1.

    1. Hi Benjamin, many apologies, I have only just seen this message. I will forward your information to the relevant people, and hopefully someone will be able to get you an answer.

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