Platform Autumn 2016: The big focus for 2018

Our Autumn update has arrived, and if you haven’t seen it yet, why not take a look here?

This time around, we have these treats for you:

  • Wendy Adeniji reflects on the new GCSE and how this will impact our teaching over the next couple of years
  • The Leys School, Solihull School and University of Sunderland talk about how they use their new Sanako installations
  • We share an idea to develop pupils’ confidence in talking about images in the target language

There’s also a quick introduction to a new online tool for pronunciation practice, for which you can have a free trial for a limited period.

About the Author Marie O'Sullivan

Author imageI am passionate about supporting language teachers from around the world and sharing ideas for our hugely demanding, yet rewarding profession! From classroom teacher and Director of Language College to creator of The LanguagePoint and Communications Office of NALA, I have many years’ experience in tackling the challenges we face daily in teaching.

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