Sanako Anywhere

Manage, deliver and perform
language learning activities anywhere.


Sanako Anywhere is our solution for situations where learning takes place both inside and outside classrooms and on different devices.

Teachers can assign lesson files to students to work with on multiple platforms, such as tablets, Windows OS, Mac OS X, Linux and Chromebooks. Students can connect to and work with the course materials wherever they are. Completed student work is saved automatically and reliably on the Sanako Anywhere server. The teacher can then review and comment on completed student work.

New in Sanako Anywhere: Content Editor! Content Editor provides teachers with content creation tools and allows them to create exercises that can be uploaded directly onto the Sanako Anywhere server. Read more

Content Editor is included in all Sanako Anywhere subscriptions and works with the Web Recorder.

Share lessons easily!

  • During class, at home, on the move
  • Only a simple code required
  • Completed exercises are automatically saved to a server

Subscription service

  • No maintenance costs
  • No hidden fees
  • Easy deployment
  • Immediately usable
Powered by AWS Cloud Computing

Use Sanako Anywhere on your favourite device
with these apps

Sanako Web Recorder
Sanako Web Recorder
A Web app for students or teachers using Chromebooks™, PCs, Linux, or Mac computers. Requires the latest version of Google Chrome™ browser.

Sanako Solo for Android and iPad tablets
An app for students or teachers using Android or iPad tablets.

Sanako Web Recorder and Solo for Android and iPad are free apps used to access the subscription based service. You can explore the solution with sample exercises. Subscription is needed for uploading lessons, student recordings and teacher comments.