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Sanako Connect

Sanako Connect

Online classroom environment for language learning and beyond

Sanako Study 1200 software language lab

Sanako Study 1200

Advanced language lab software with classroom management.

Sanako Lab 100 hardware language lab

Sanako Lab 100

A hardware solution for small spaces and mobile needs.

Sanako Pronounce Live

Sanako Pronounce Live

An easy solution for improving oral skills in a foreign language.

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Schools are closed and teachers and parents are struggling with the situation. #Nordic countries have opened up their e-learning solutions for the world for free to combat the covid-19 crisis. Check it out: https://t.co/CBGfonBpC6 - Here you have 50+ remote learning solutions

Most teaching is going remote. Will that help or hurt online learning? A panel of experts explores the topic: https://t.co/8b4TadVXxx
#onlineteaching #remoteteaching #covid19

"Thanks! Half of my students have chosen to enter the Sanako Connect classroom for their verbal practice. You have helped to make teaching very manageable in a highly uncertain situation.
¡Mil gracias! ~ A "thousand" thanks!" - Spanish teacher
Great feedback to start the day ☺️

Thanks for sharing @goodnewsfinland - This is an excellent initiative and we at @SanakoOy are happy to participate with other great teaching tools providers!

#remoteteaching https://t.co/YpD6qcUrNf