We help people to teach and learn languages.


Blending the Finnish educational practices and know-how with modern software development. Sanako is a Finnish Education Technology company helping people to teach and learn languages.


We started in 1961, when our first language laboratory was made under the name Tandberg Educational. After that our solutions have found their way to over 110 countries and 50,000 classroom installations.

Close relations with our customers, our partners, and our pedagogical approach have made us the global leader in teacher-led language teaching software market. Today, we keep innovating daily and provide our customers a full range of language teaching and learning solutions from traditional classroom installations to remote teaching solutions to AI-assisted virtual language teaching platforms.

Our corporate headquarters is in Turku, Finland, and we have a network of over 100 dedicated partners and reseller across the globe.




  • 2020

  • Two new products launched: Sanako Connect, our Online language lab, and Reactored, an AI-assisted language teaching platform.



  • 2017

  • Sanako Pronounce Live, an easy solution for improving oral skills in a foreign language. Available on Android and the Google Chrome browser.

  • 2016

  • Sanako Anywhere, our solution for situations where learning takes place both inside and outside classrooms and on different devices.

  • 2015

  • Sanako Web Recorder, a free online application for playing and recording audio and completing various multimedia content exercises.
    Sanako Web RecorderLanguage lab apps for iPad and Android

  • 2013

    Distribution agreement with Oxford University Press
    Oxford University Press

    Integration of the latest text-to-speech & voice recognition technology into our solutions

    to offer immediate feedback for students’ individual practice.

  • Sanako Pronounce, a new pronunciation tool
    Sanako Pronounce

  • 2012

    Interactive content – replacement for textbooks – added to Sanako Study

  • 2011

    Sanako Speak!, a cloud based language lab
  • 2010

    Over 30,000 Sanako classroom installations globally

  • 2006

    Sanako Study, a modular software language lab

  • 2003

    Divace changes its name and launches a new global brand – Sanako

  • 2000

    Teleste installs world’s first virtual language lab

  • 1991

    Teleste develops world’s first computer-controlled language lab

  • 1984

    Teleste acquires Tandberg’s educational division

  • 1961-1979

    Tandberg becomes the global leader in language labs

  • 1961

    First Tandberg language lab produced

Sanako has the highest level of industry experience providing services, software, or support for Microsoft technologies.

Sanako has accreditation under the WorldDidac Quality Charter in 2011 – 2014. It indicates that we meet the highest standards of product quality, services, and after sales support and also have the ability to contribute to the sustainability of educational programs worldwide.

Our environmental policy

We strive to reduce and manage our environmental load utilizing a wide range of resources and focusing on continual improvement and prevention of pollution.

We are committed to making greener personal and company-wide choices when it comes to business travelling, materials selection, adoption of new technologies and energy consumption. We also commit to observe the relevant legislation, regulations and valid waste management rules.

Our ISO 14001 environmental management system helps and reminds us of the need to achieve more by consuming less. Our products are safe to use and designed and manufactured to last and provide long term value for investments.

As more and more in the learning process is taking place outside the traditional classrooms, we are in the forefront in developing solutions and services for distance learning and better oral communication skills.


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