Breaking the Language Barrier


To survive and succeed in today’s cut-throat competitive world, not only does one have to be a jack of all trades, but they also have to master them. A key quality that can add to one’s expertise is knowledge of multiple languages.

It is a proven fact that people who can communicate in different languages have more opportunities for career advancement.

Learning multiple languages is currently not a common practice in India. However, with India on the verge of being the most populous country in the world, there will likely be a sharp increase in language learning and multilingualism. Learning multiple languages has been slowly gaining momentum in India as more and more people learn about multilingualism and the advantages it brings.

Various leading global institutions have also brought the concept of Global Learning Experience to India in an effort to develop excellence in Indian education.

One example is Era Business School, a future-centric and globally-oriented educational institution, offering international education standards.




The institute’s vision is to establish globally recognized, socially righteous, environment-friendly, trusted and innovative institutions of excellence. It offers a two-year (full-time) PGDM programme duly approved by AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India, with 120 seats in specializations such as Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, International Business, Information Technology & Entrepreneurship.

What makes the institute stand above the rest is its association with the language teaching Sanako Corporation.


Expectations of Era Business School


In light of the growing Indian market and the diversity of the Indian culture, Era Business School (EBS) has understood the need to focus on teaching multiple languages to students.

EBS believes that managerial skills, as well as language and good communication skills, play an important role in student and business success. EBS aimed to deploy best-in-class technology that is not only futuristic but also scalable.

Therefore, to fulfill this mission of effectively enhancing the overall communication skills of the students, the management decided to go one step further and create an instructional environment that is motivational and appealing to teachers and students alike.


Sanako Study 1200


Sanako Corporation is the global leader in developing language teaching software and language labs.

They have worked closely with the customers around the world for the past 50 years to enable better speaking, comprehension and communication skills for language learners. Their solutions have been deployed at some of India’s premier institutions. Since launching its operations in India in November 2009, EBS has been one of the early adopters of Sanako’s services.

After an exhaustive review of Era Business School’s requirements, Sanako recommended Sanako Study 1200.

This learning system includes all the features and functions that are essential for effective and enjoyable teaching and learning, such as screen transfer features, audio and text communication tools, web browsing and programme launch capabilities, file functions, and classroom management and control features.

It even facilitates group and individual learning through one-to-one communication between a teacher and a student and among students, i.e. peer-to-peer learning.


Key Benefits for EBS


Language Agnostic Solution: A prime example of where Era Business School’s faculty found the Sanako Study 1200 solution extremely useful was in teaching Mandarin to the students; it is considered one of the most difficult languages in the world.

The solution set-up allowed the teachers to decide which student would converse with whom in a group, which in turn enabled the smart students and quick learners to help the shy and less skilled students.

Furthermore, the Sanako Study 1200 solution facilitated one-to-one, peer-to-peer, one-to-many, group leader-to-student group conversations. In fact, the faculty at EBS discovered that peer-to-peer training gave better results than tutor-to-student training.

Faculty Training: Sanako’s solution also provides intensive faculty training so that they are comfortable using the Study 1200 solution’s wide range of features during instruction.

Compatibility: One of the biggest advantages with the Sanako Study 1200 solution is that it operates on all Windows-based PCs and over a local area network – with no additional software or hardware required (other than quality headsets). Moreover, the system can be expanded with additional extension modules in the future.

Study Examination Module: The solution’s Examination Module is another valuable teaching tool that simplified the creation and administering of tests for the students and faculty of Era Business School.

The Examination Module includes a 6-step “wizard” application that assists and guides teachers in the creation of tests. The flexibility of the Examination Module allows tutors to easily vary the types of test questions and to edit any existing tests.

Round Table Discussion: This activity allows tutors to set up small student groups with a designated chairperson to lead the discussion. A feature found extremely useful by the tutors as they prepare their students for corporate roles.

Model Imitation:  This is another activity almost critical for effective language learning. Students listen to and repeat a model track that the tutor has transferred to them to practice the stress, rhythm, and intonation of a foreign language, while their voices are recorded.


The solution further facilitates a healthy interaction between the faculty and the students; with the help of the Sanako Study 1200 solution, students are able to express the degree to which they are following the lesson and if they need further explanation of the topic at hand.

Moreover, with Sanako solution, not only can the tutor talk to the entire class or with a specific student, an individual student can talk with other students in their session and call the tutor if they need assistance. Some of the other benefits of the Sanako Study 1200 solution include the tutor’s ability to monitor the screen activity and audio of a selected student in real time.

Tutors can even launch and close Web browsers for the students and take full control of the Web browsing at any time by having the student browsers follow the tutor’s navigation. Moreover, the tutor can send websites to student browsers without limiting student control to the web browser.

Tutors can also create lists of allowed and denied websites. Another key advantage of the solution is that the tutor screen can be displayed to a selected student, a session, or to all students while the tutor is also able to talk to them.

Era Business School strongly believes that communication skills are of utmost importance in today’s era of global competition and Sanako’s solution has significantly helped Era Business School achieve its goal.