Customer Development Series from SANAKO

SANAKO Academy has launched the first in a series of Customer Development Papers aimed at helping customers understand and effectively use the rapidly evolving technology used in education.

The series represents an extension of the Academy’s information and training offerings, which typically aim to educate internal SANAKO personnel and sales partners in the technical and product-related skills required to ably support our customers.

SANAKO’s aim is to directly address the customer, providing basic technical information in simple and clear language. It is hoped that customers will then be better positioned to understand the technology behind their learning solutions, and thereby make more effective use of them.

The first in the series will focus on the capacity limitations of wireless networks. It is expected that by educating customers on the limitations that affect all learning solutions working in wireless environments, SANAKO can help customers make the necessary adjustments to take advantage of the benefits provided by these systems.

SANAKO looks forward to enhancing our customers’ technical expertise and understanding of current learning technology, and to helping make effective the use of educational technology an attainable goal for all.

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