One of the great new features in Sanako Study is the support for content packages – the last step to a 100% digital language lab.

Previously, you could already use audio CDs or files with our language lab solutions, but for the written material and exercises you still had the physical textbook. With our interactive content that is designed for teacher-led environments, you don’t need that anymore but can still teach the way you want.

We developed a set of tools that can easily convert existing textbook material into our interactive format. First content made with our tools is the English for Life series, published by Oxford University Press.

Most common exercise types built-in

Gap Fill, Multiple Choice, Matching Pairs, Essay, Questions and Answers. These cover a lot of ground.

Automatic Grading and Correction

Once an exercise is completed, it is automatically graded and correct answers are revealed.


Supported products

Content Packages can be used with the latest versions of Sanako Study 1200, Sanako Study 700, and Sanako Study Solo.


English for Life series from Oxford University Press


General English four-skills course for adults, digitised and ready to be used with Sanako Study.

An easy-to-use course for adults who either want to learn English quickly for a specific purpose – such as travel – or who just prefer a much more straightforward approach to learning. The content includes material packages for four different levels:

  • Beginner
  • Elementary
  • Pre-intermediate
  • Intermediate