Standalone student player/recorder software for language learning.

Study Solo allows your students to learn a language at their own pace.


  • Extend language learning from the classroom to the students’ homes
  • Allow students to learn a language at their own pace
  • Improve pronunciation and communication skills
  • Use a wide variety of content
  • Automatically connects to your Study classroom

What can you do with Study Solo?

Free content included

5 free English lessons come bundled with your Study Solo installation. These exercises integrate to Study environment and can be used to demonstrate all capabilities of Sanako content format.5 free lessons are:

  • Airports
  • Education
  • Computers
  • Animals
  • Phonics

 Use additional Sanako content packages

Solo supports Sanako content packages. Installed content packages are seamlessly integrated into Sanako Study Solo. You can enquire what content packages are available for your region from a local Sanako reseller. In some cases Sanako can create content packages that follow your curriculum. This service is available when number of users is high enough.

 Versatile Excercise window

Exercise window has HTML code support which enables interactive functionalities such as gap filling, multiple choice fields and the use of images.

 Use the two-track recorder for language studies

Solo’s two-track recording is specifically designed for language studies. Virtually any audio file can be used for speech and pronunciation exercises; files with ready-made gaps or even files with no gaps – allows the use of all existing material and freedom to choose any new types of materials.

 Student Voice Recording

Students can listen to their recorded voices and compare them to sample material for intensive practice in intonation, inflexion and accent reduction. The recording function of Solo also offers an efficient tool for student self-assessment.

 Voice Insert

In the Voice Insert mode, you can alter materials to suit your lessons better; gaps can be inserted automatically into source material, which means that you do not have to leave silent parts for the answers in the recordings. You can also give oral feedback on student recordings after a test.

  Voice Graph

A graph can be viewed for both the program and student tracks. This visual representation of the voice track allows students to compare their recorded output to the original or model track for detailed speech analysis.

 Recap Functionality

The Recap function is designed to quickly repeat the previous sentence or part of the file. It permits students to review examples of authentic or native speakers in the target language.

 Recommended accessory: headphones

Sanako Headset SLH-07 complements the renowned audio quality of all Sanako products. It is specifically designed for demanding education environments. Replaceable ear cushions and removable cable on the Sanako Headset allows for on-site replacement to extend the product lifetime even further.Headphones SLH-07