Sanako headset

SLH-07 Headset

A durable and professional headset, specially designed to offer the clearest sound quality for listening to audio playback in any environment.

The attached condenser “noise cancelling” microphone provides the best quality sound for fully comprehensible voice recordings. It is suitable for a number of working environments, including language studies, music, broadcasting, and audio and video editing activities.


of students enjoyed using Sanako headsets for language and other educational activities in the computer lab


of students preferred practicing conversation activities in the lab with Sanako headsets compared to the option of practicing face-to-face in class

Students reported that the Sanako headsets were “really comfortable”, and they “liked it being more private” and being able to “talk more fluently” without pressure. “It was a nice experience that I didn’t expect.”

Student Testimonials from San Diego City College, CA

Designed for the day to day rigors of everyday school life, its high quality audio and recording makes the SLH-07 headset ideal for examinations and language learning in classrooms, libraries, media centers, and any language or computer lab.

  • Best possible sound quality for audio playback
  • Robust & durable in any environment
  • Guaranteed comfort – replaceable ear cushions and adjustable padded headband
  • Precision condenser microphone for optimal sound reproduction
  • Fully adjustable microphone boom for outstanding speech reproduction
  • Fitted with a removable cable for easy storage and replacement

Available with four types of termination

Available with four types of termination. The TRRS headset cable is suitable for tablets, portable devices and laptops with a joint stereo and microphone socket.

The TRRS headset cable is suitable for tablets, iPads, portable devices and laptops with a joint stereo and microphone socket. The USB cable is available in both 2.5m (8.2′) and 1.5m (4.9′) lengths.

Spare Parts

No need to replace! Every separate part of the headset can be purchased as a spare, saving money. Spare parts are readily available, allowing the headset to last for many years with simple maintenance from any school technician. Contact your local Sanako Reseller for spare part details, or email the Sanako US Service & Support Team at