Robbinsdale Cooper High School, Minneapolis, MN, USA:
This lab has so much to offer! Being able to replay their individual work is an incredible tool to help the students improve their pronunciation. And their listening skills have improved dramatically.
Rocky Mountain High School, Colorado, USA:
The Lab 100 has made audio and video material of many kinds extremely accessible to teachers for their lessons.  From internet files to textbook materials, the new digital format is much more efficient to operate, and has better sound quality.
Chelmsford High School, Massachusetts, USA:
The Sanako 1200 has become an integral part of our World Language program. Through the interactive digital tools and activities available, our students have become active and engaged 21st Century language learners. They can practice their language skills in a nonthreatening and technologically comfortable environment. They can observe, make predictions, and solve problems in real-time using authentic material. They can receive instantaneous feedback about their communication skills. The students love it because it is fun. The teachers love it because instruction can be tailored to meet the individual needs of the learner. The Sanako 1200 has helped reshape how World Languages are taught in our school.
Blessed Thomas Holford College, UK (Mac Lab):
The Sanako Language System offers the students the opportunity to work independently or in small groups, and to interact with the teacher in a more meaningful and private way... Our initial concerns of whether the Sanako software would run on our ‘bootcamped’ MacBooks were eased after Sanako engineers inspected our setup beforehand and supported us through the installation to ensure the software was up and running ready for our first staff training session.
Thomas County, GA School System:
The students’ reaction to the Sanako solution was amazing- they enjoy going to the lab and doing their tasks. They are taken aback by the many possibilities that can be achieved using Sanako solutions.
Era Business School, India:
Language Lab has enabled better management of language classes. We see unlimited opportunities to enhance our language instruction offered by the system. Teachers and students are more motivated and the learning experience is richer.
The Kings School, Ely, United Kingdom:
The language lab has revolutionized the way we teach, and students learn a language within just a term of using it. This piece of software can be as simple or as elaborate as the teacher chooses, and that is, in my opinion, one of the great benefits of this solution.
Comberton Village College, United Kingdom:
Here at Comberton Village College we have found the Sanako Study 1200 Language center an essential boost to our students' speaking and listening skills, enabling them to develop these in a more varied and autonomous way.  Learners of all ages, abilities, and learning styles benefit from this excellent resource. We would highly recommend Sanako systems to anyone looking to invest in such technology.
Minsthorpe Community College, UK:

The students genuinely enjoy their time in the language lab and can easily articulate its benefits for their learning. They talk about an increased confidence and enjoyment when it comes to speaking French and German. The various functions of the system are easy for both teachers and students to use and aid both peer and self-assessment and enable the teacher to easily differentiate and monitor student progress. We particularly like the instant messaging and voting functions. Also the ability to ‘listen in’ to a range of students is invaluable.

The possibilities really do seem endless! Teachers feel completely in control of the whole group without even moving from the front of the room!

State High School Geschwister Scholl, Saalfeld, Germany:
Students are able to learn more and teachers can do more with the students. Study 1200 helps teachers to manage language classes more effectively, and students’ results have improved by 30 %, for example, individual results may have improved by an entire grade.
Holliston, MA Public Schools:
No other digital environment provides students with the just-in-time learning opportunities afforded by a language lab in which they may perform both formative and summative assessment measures.