Sanako Anywhere enables language learning anytime, anywhere. Improve your language skills with all standard language learning activities.


Sanako Anywhere Web Server hosts school sites where teachers create classes to deliver online lessons. Students can access and work on lessons from a laptop, tablet or other compatible mobile device. All recordings are automatically saved to the Web server and teachers can add voice comments or commentary to student recordings for qualitative feedback.

Sanako Web Recoder and Sanako Solo App provide language lab recording functionality for students using various platforms, such as Chromebooks, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iPad tablets.

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Sanako Web Recorder can currently be used with the Google Chrome browser and is available at the following address:

Solo App is available for Android in the Google Play store and for iPad in the Apple App Store.
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You can explore the solution with sample exercises. To access sample exercises, log into the Web Recorder or Solo App and join a new class with the class activation code 111111.