Welcome to the Sanako Web Recorder online help site.

Sanako Web Recorder is an online application for playing and recording audio and completing various multimedia content exercises. The application can be run in the Google Chrome browser.

web recorder main

Sanako Web Recorder is available at the following address.

When you first load the web page, two permission notifications will appear below the address bar. Allow Chrome to do both.

  • Permission to use the microphone. If you accidentally deny microphone use, you can click the camera icon that appears on the right side of the address bar.
  • Permission to store large amounts of data on your computer. If you accidentally deny storage, just reload the page.

To get started, open the About menu on the Web Recorder site for a tour of the different Web Recorder features. For further instructions visit the links below.

How to complete Sanako Content exercises

How to do model imitation and repetition exercises

How to record yourself reading aloud or speaking

Technical information