New Class Management Resources in SANAKO Study Software v 4.2

SANAKO is pleased to announce the launch of version 4.2 of SANAKO Study teaching and classroom management software.Version 4.2 introduces “Application Control” to the teacher’s warehouse of class management resources to help students stay focused on classroom learning. The new version also provides a “Homework” function that simplifies the management of student home assignments. SANAKO Study 500, Study 700 and Study 1200 all provide the new class management capabilities.

Application Control

Application control allows the teacher to enable or disable selected applications on student PCs or laptops. By so doing, the teacher can eliminate distractions and help students focus on the lesson or assignment at hand. The feature is easy to use and does not require any preparatory actions.

Teachers can simply click in the Application Block button in the software to view all applications in use by students. They can then select which applications will be enabled or disabled on student PCs. This routine can also be performed before lessons begin to create the ideal environment for learning, executing assignments or administering tests.

The new feature may also be used to help differentiate learning, by blocking or allowing applications for individual students, sessions, or all students in the class.

Key Benefits

  • Easier management of class and student activity
  • Easy elimination of distractions
  • Better focusing of student attention on key tasks or lessons
  • Greater support for differentiated learning by allowing or blocking selected applications for individual students or selected sessions

Homework (File handout/collect)

The Homework function in version 4.2 features a separate homework file area, in which teachers can easily and conveniently make files available for students’ home assignments. The separate homework file area makes it easier for students to distinguish homework files from class or session files, eliminating time-wasting and confusion.

Students simply download homework files from the homework file area; at the start of the next lesson teachers can then activate the “Homework Return” window, where students can upload their completed homework files. This enhancement makes homework distribution and collection a foolproof function. It also supports differentiated learning by allowing the teacher to assign different homework assignments to individual students, selected sessions (groups), or the entire class.

Key Benefits

  • Easy and convenient distribution and collection of homework assignments
  • Elimination of confusion involving lesson files and homework files
  • Eliminationof time-wasting in handing out and collecting homework files
  • Foolproof homework file management for teachers and students
  • Easier management of differentiated homework assignments for different students or sessions