New Introductory Language Teaching Software from SANAKO

SANAKO has launched new affordable language learning software that is ideal for introductory language programs, younger learners or beginners.

SANAKO Study 700 is designed to help teachers provide the appropriate level of support and encouragement for basic level language activities, and as such represents an important addition to the SANAKO Study range of teaching software.

Study 700 can help schools expand their range of language learning programs by providing an introductory level solution for younger learners or beginners. It’s also suitable for schools looking to install their first language learning solution or provide an easy-to-use facility for adult learners.

Students benefit from essential language learning functionalities such as listening and speaking, while teachers are provided with the tools to support and monitor student activity.

Many Options for Enhancement and Expansion

Schools that invest in this affordable entry-level language learning solution have the option of adding SANAKO Study modules to introduce additional teaching, learning or classroom management activities.  Such modules include the ability to stream live video sources to student PCs and the addition of the Voting Module to help assess student understanding and live feedback.

Study 700 can also be upgraded to SANAKO Study 1200, an advanced language learning dynamically licensed solution that provides a full professional suite of recording and collaborative tools. The solution is easy to install and maintain, and like all SANAKO Study solutions, it is built for compatibility with current and future versions of the Microsoft® .NET technology.

More information about the solution is available from local sales representatives or visit the product page for SANAKO Study 700.