New: Podcasting in SANAKO Lab 100 and SANAKO Lab 300

SANAKO has introduced a podcasting capability to its language learning favorites – SANAKO Lab 100 and SANAKO Lab 300 – to help schools reap the benefits of Internet-based learning.The solutions allow teachers to easily upload digitized or existing MP3 material to the web* for students to access online, thus extending learning possibilities.

By making classroom and home study material available on the Internet, teachers can more easily integrate classroom learning with independent study. Online material also supports on-demand learning, allowing students to access resources as needed.

The podcasting feature in Lab 100 and Lab 300 helps teachers integrate modern technologies into their teaching routines and enhances to long term value of the language lab investment. For example, the solutions make it easier for schools to introduce mobile learning devices to use podcasts alongside language labs for off-campus learning or self-study.

Making learning material easily available online also supports self-evaluation and peer evaluation of student recordings. By supporting the use of online resources in different learning environments, the updated solutions help bring schools closer to Internet Era Learning.

* School must have web server or access to a web server to support the files.

Find out more about podcasting in SANAKO Lab 100 and SANAKO Lab 300.