New: SANAKO Customer Development Series (CDS)

Interactivity and dynamic learning are focus of SANAKO Customer Development Series (CDS)

To encourage a participative atmosphere conducive to learning, SANAKO highlights some interesting features and interactive activities in SANAKO Study 500SANAKO Study 1200, and SANAKO Lab 100.

Students have appreciated the use of text messages in SANAKO Study 500, which provides an additional layer to voice communication for teachers to give discreet guidance and support during classes. Meanwhile, conducting a listening comprehension session in SANAKO Study 1200 is made easy.

Teachers can effortlessly set up the system for an audio CD, broadcast audio material to class, and dynamically interact with students. Before starting the session, make sure you have an audio CD, answer sheets for students, and the student and the teacher PCs are running the Study 1200 application.

Finally, with the use of recordings, students can bring each day’s learning material home on their USB sticks, reinforcing the learning done in the classroom using built-in functions inside SANAKO Lab 100. No need for extra investments and students get more efficient use of the self-access computers.

Access files through the Internet with SANAKO Media Assistant Lite or share files for peer evaluation in learning communities like the SANAKO Virtual Educational Community. To learn more of these features, see the second edition of the SANAKO Customer Development Series (CDS).