New SANAKO Science Teaching Solution Optimized for Intel-powered Classmate PC Designs

SANAKO has announced the launch of its new multimedia science teaching solution optimized for use with the Intel-powered Classmate PC design. SANAKO has also joined the Intel® Learning Series Alliance, working with Intel to provide language and science learning applications for students around the world.

SANAKO Study Science Lab provides teachers and students with true-to-life lab experiences in a safe environment. The solution includes stimulating and interactive multimedia content* for simulating science experiments, along with essential classroom management tools to help teachers support students as they engage in tests. It provides an easy and effective resource to help students reinforce theoretical knowledge by engaging in accurately-simulated experiments.

Built on Intel® architecture and powered by the Intel® Atom™ processor, the Intel-powered classmate PC offers affordable and functional designs to support a wide variety of classroom applications and activities. Designed with students in mind, classmate PCs are small and light enough for a child to easily carry. Equipped with a water-resistant keyboard, the classmate PC is also “backpack friendly” – able to withstand bumping in a backpack and accidental drops by students.

SANAKO’s state-of-the-art educational software and live language learning solutions combined with various services will complement the education value of the classmate PCs.

A Shared Vision of Improved Learning Outcomes

The collaboration between SANAKO and Intel will provide innovative solutions, backed by Finnish pedagogical know-how to improve internet-era learning outcomes in a variety of modern learning styles.

Juha Merinen , SANAKO Executive Vice President for Sales and Partnerships said the global collaboration with Intel – a key player providing 21st century computing solutions to the educational market – will bring teaching and learning into the rapidly evolving era of pedagogically harmonized and transparent learning processes.

“Our goal is to co-operate with the highest quality partners worldwide to provide value-added solutions and services for our customers. Our combined solutions will cater to managed, collaborative and personalized learning approaches to ensure best results. We are delighted to work with the Intel-powered classmate PC to usher in a new era of best-in-class solutions for educators and students globally.”

Intel’s Gehad Galal added, “Our goal is to work with companies to provide students with high quality solutions for education. We are pleased to work with SANAKO to improve the way students learn today and in the future.”

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