New Software develops Foreign Language Speaking Skills at Key Stage 2

Sanako Study Primary encourages the speaking of foreign languages at primary level.

Turku, Finland – 11 January, 2011 – Sanako Corporation, the global leader in language teaching software, launches Study Primary at BETT 2011 in London 12 January, 2011. The new product is based on a software voice recorder integrated with learning resources and based on the requirements of the Key Stage 2. The learning activities are designed to encourage children to develop their language skills and speak with accurate pronunciation.

Following the publication of a National Languages Strategy for England, some language teaching is now offered in over 90% of primary schools and the DFE has recently advised that this continue in the immediate future. With the recent Government White Paper adding increased emphasis to language learning at GCSE level, it is essential that pupils get a head start in language learning.

Sanako Study Primary is available for both French and Spanish, which are the most commonly taught languages in UK Primary schools. The software activities encourage children to speak with accurate pronunciation, by focusing on the sounds which are difficult to pronounce in French and Spanish. This is achieved by watching video clips and allowing children to mimic correct facial movements and with the added recording capabilities; children can listen to their own recordings and develop their speaking skills.

“This simple and effective learning process gets children speaking the language quickly and because it provides immediate outcomes, helps develop a real enthusiasm for language learning which can be sustained throughout their school career.” explains Ian McDowall, Country Manager for Sanako in the UK & Ireland.

Primary language teaching experts have developed the engaging content of the software to focus children and improve reading, writing, listening and particularly speaking skills. .

Installed to any Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 computer, Sanako Study Primary contains 24 ready-made activities to learn French or Spanish with each activity linked to the corresponding unit of the French or Spanish Scheme of Work required by the Key Stage 2 Framework for Languages.

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