New Study 5.10 version – more stable in use

New Study 5.10 version is available from Sanako. This version includes several technical improvements which from the user point of view mean more stable and solid system when used.

The biggest improvements compared to the previous Study version are

  • Improved connection management. New Study Server software allows more reliable connection handling especially in wireless network environment.
  • Improvements in the file management have increased the operating reliability regarding to all Study file functions:
    • Now it is possible to use a local folder on tutor computer for collecting student recordings, handing out and returning homework files. This decreases the need for using the file server. However separate file server increases performance in file operations especially in large environments.
    • Improvements in packet loss rate in WLAN environments enables more reliable file deliveries and file collection when Study is being used in a wireless network.
    • Faster MFF (Media File Format) operations in file open and save functions.
  • Improved subtitling function reliability.
    Study 500, 700 and 1200 v. 5.10 is currently available in the following languages: English, Finnish, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese (simplified), French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Kazakh, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.