Northwestern Polytechnical University and Northwest University of Politics and Law in China have invested in students’ language learning

Turku, Finland
28 June 2011

Northwestern Polytechnical University and Northwest University of Politics and Law in China have invested in students’ language learning

– Both universities have chosen Sanako as their new language lab provider

Two universities in Xian, Shanxi Province, China, have chosen Sanako’s language lab solutions to replace their old systems. The quality of the solution, the performance/price ratio and the company’s reputation were key criteria both at Northwestern Polytechnical University and Northwest University of Politics and Law when choosing a new language lab provider.

Northwest University of Politics and Law was established in 1937 and it is one of the key law universities in China. The University has more than 20000 students. Its comprehensive offering includes philosophy, economics, business management and literature, in addition to law. It has invested in building language labs in six classrooms. Half of the rooms are now equipped with Sanako Lab 100 and the other half with Sanako Study 1200 software supporting the new era of language learning. The six language labs are mainly used by the School of Foreign Languages and by some other institute students. The labs are used by 12,000 students who are learning English, Russian, French and Japanese.

Mr. Xie Lixin, Dean of the School of Foreign Languages of the Northwest University of Politics and Law, explains: “The usability and user interfaces of the Sanako systems are quite simple and mature. The high fidelity voice is very clear, which is very important for learning the nuances of pronunciation. The features are very practical and powerful and meet the requirements of the foreign language study reform.” The reform aims to improve teacher knowledge; for example, teachers can improve their own language skills by using the Sanako Language Lab. The reform also aims to introduce new teaching methods, for example the use of computers, and to create a better evaluation system.

Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) is China’s only research-oriented, multi-disciplinary, and international university of science and technology, which simultaneously excels at aeronautics, astronautics and marine technology. The university emphasizes science and technology, while harmoniously developing the fields of business management, humanities, economics and law. NPU has 15 academic schools offering 54 undergraduate programs, 101 postgraduate programs, 57 doctoral programs and 14 postdoctoral programs.

NPU has around 28,000 students. In order to improve the Chinese language skills of the about 420 overseas students, the university invested in Sanako Lab 100.

Mr. Zhang Wentao, Director of the International Exchange Institute of the Northwestern Polytechnical University, comments on the University’s choice: “After testing Sanako’s solution myself, I’m convinced that the Sanako Lab 100 functionalities are easy for anyone to understand, to learn and to use. All the language skills, reading, writing, listening and especially speaking can now be improved during one class. Students can use Lab 100 to practice their skills without unnecessary interruptions and can complete the tasks within 45 minutes. Hence, it is not necessary to study again after the class. The multi-language interface of Lab 100 is well-designed and can meet the language requirements of the overseas students and teachers. I’m happy to say that teachers and students alike have had their first language lab experiences and have been satisfied with what they have seen so far.”

“Sanako’s solution is very flexible. We have a product range that can fit a variety of school environments, whether the school needs hardware, software or even a cloud-based solution to improve language learning. With more than 30,000 classroom installations worldwide, we have valuable experience in finding the right solution for each situation,” says Juha Ollila, CEO at Sanako.

Language labs give students more time to practice speaking and pronunciation, which can be the hardest skills to learn. With Sanako’s solution, all languages can be taught and learned. “In China, we have a growing need not only to learn foreign languages but also to teach Chinese to foreign exchange students. Sanako’s products have been developed over time with teachers. So the activities available are the ones that teachers have found useful in language learning. With a language lab, they can do it more efficiently and also achieve better learning results,” says William Lin, VP China.

More information:

William Lin, VP China, tel. +86 21 62471329

Sari Lappalainen, Head of Marketing, tel. +358 40 511 3457

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Northwest University of Politics and Law.

Northwest University of Politics and Law, Mr. William Lin, Mr. Ma Qinglin and Mr. Ma Zhuanjun.

Northwestern Polytechnical University