Pronounce Live now available for iOS

Pronounce Live is now available for Apple iOS mobile devices and tablets. Pronounce Live offeres identical functionality for iOS devices as for Android devices. You can download the Sanako Pronounce Live iOS App from the Apple App store. Get Pronounce … Continued

Lab 100 MultiMedia released

We have now released the much awaited Lab 100 MultiMedia. Lab 100 MultiMedia combines the best qualities of hardware and software solutions and transforms the reliable and popular Lab 100 into a full computer language lab where teachers and students … Continued

Lab 100 v. 10.3 released

Lab 100 v. 10.3 has now been released. This software update fixes a number of minor issues and includes Lab 100 Multimedia features that can be activated with a separate token. Lab 100 Multimedia will be released very soon with … Continued

Study v. 9.10 released

We have now released Sanako Study v. 9.10. This version introduces two improvements to existing Study activities: Focus mode controls in Listening Comprehension and Dual booth setups in Conference Interpreting. Focus mode The Focus mode allows teachers to tailor the … Continued

New Lab 100 Media Unit coming soon

We have developed a new Lab 100 Media Unit that combines the existing MSU and SCU322 in the same hardware unit, while simultaneously reducing the overall size of the equipment considerably. The smaller size will provide added freedom for hardware … Continued

Windows 10 update and Lab 100 MSU

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update released in October disables Guest account access to remote servers using SMB2 file transfer protocol in the Enterprise and Education versions of the operating system. Lab 100 uses SMB2 protocol in the MSU to … Continued

Study v. 9.03 released

We have now released Study v. 9.03. This version is a software patch that corrects minor issue that had been reported. Fixed issue Fixed issue where recording in Study Student player was stopped when other Sanako Student player was connecting to … Continued

Study v. 9.02 released

We have now released Study v. 9.02. This version is a software patch that corrects minor issues that had been reported. Fixed issues Fixed issue where, recording on the student track while AudioGraph mode was active erased a corresponding length … Continued