Sanako Pronounce is an easy solution for improving oral skills in a foreign language. It is simple, straightforward and immediately usable for pronunciation and speech practice. Sanako Pronounce allows you to easily transform text material into spoken audio with the help of advanced text-to-speech technology. High quality text-to-speech voices offered by Sanako produce almost authentic accent, making them superb pronunciation models for language learners.

Pronounce can be used as a stand-alone solution for pronunciation practice or in a classroom environment where the teacher is able to manage, follow and evaluate student work. There are three different applications in the Sanako Pronounce family

Sanako Pronounce
Improve your oral skills in a foreign language with the help of text-to-speech technology and voice recognition

Sanako Pronounce with Editor
Practice pronunciation with identical tools as in Pronounce with additional features that allow you to create your own custom exercises

Sanako Pronounce Manager
Manage a Pronounce classroom, assign exercises and collect student work


***Instructions for automatic token activation in Sanako Pronounce v. 2.6.3***
Automatic token activation in Sanako Pronounce


Pronounce software

Short introduction to Pronounce
Video Guide to Pronounce

Sanako text-to-speech voices
Sanako products and text-to-speech

Speech Recognition
Speech recognition in Sanako Pronounce

Pronounce Classroom handbook

Bid Specs
Pronounce v. 2.50 bid specs
Pronounce Classroom bid specs

Sanako Pronounce brochure -web (v.2.0)
Sanako Pronounce brochure -print (v.2.0)
Sanako Pronounce Classroom brochure- web
Sanako Pronounce Classroom brochure – print

Product Presentation
Pronounce product presentation

Quick Guide
Pronounce Quick Guide (v.2.0)
Pronounce Quick Guide – Finnish
Pronounce Quick Guide – French
Pronounce Quick Guide – Spanish
Pronounce Manager Quick Guide
Pronounce Manager Quick Guide – Finnish
Pronounce Manager Quick Guide – French
Pronounce Manager Quick Guide – Spanish

Installation Instructions
How to install and configure Pronounce Classroom
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