The Study product family includes a number of products with varying feature sets, suitable for all customer needs.

Study 1200 – Advanced software for language teaching and learning
Study 700 – Software for entry-level language teaching
Study 500 – Software for classroom management
Study Solo – Standalone student player/recorder software for language learning.


Study software

User Guides

Study 1200 User Guide
Study 700 User Guide

Study 500 User Guide
Study Solo Quick Guide
Study 1200 User Guide – Russian
Study 700 User Guide – Russian
Study 500 User Guide – Russian
Study 1200 User Guide – French

Installation and Configuration
Sanako Study Technical Guide
Sanako Study Technical Guide (UK)
Sanako Study Technical Guide – French
Sanako license offline activation
Sanako Study Guide for wireless environments
Sanako Study thin client deployment – Citrix XenDesktop
Sanako Study thin client deployment – VMware View
Sanako Study thin client deployment – Findings

Study CityCompass Activity Quick Guide
Study Conference Interpreting Activity Guide
Study Pronunciation Activity handbook
Study Pronunciation Activity quick guide

Sanako text-to-speech voices
Sanako products and text-to-speech
Text-to-speech and Study 1200

Admin Tool
What is Sanako Admin Tool

Exam Module
Exam module Quick Guide
Exam module User Guide

Video Live
Video Live software
Video Live v. 3.0 User Guide
Video Live v. 3.0 Handbook
Video Live v. 3.0 hardware specification
Video Live v. 3.0 Bid Specs

Video Live Uploader Quick Guide

Bid Specs
Study 1200 Bid Specs
Study 1200 Bid Specs (with pictures)
Study 700 Bid Specs
Software Language Learning Solution (Study 1200) – Specification
Software Media Recorder (Study Solo) – Specification

Study 1200 Product Presentation

Comparison Charts
Study feature comparison chart
Study Player feature comparison chart
Study expanded feature comparison chart
Study Player expanded feature comparison chart

Study 1200 Brochure – Print
Study 1200 Brochure – Web
Study1200_brochure_Hi-res, French
Study1200_brochure_low-res, French

Version History
Sanako Study v. 9.10 release notes
Sanako Study version history – full
Sanako Study version history – short