Reactored – An AI-assisted digital language learning platform powered by Sanako


For teachers:


Reactored saves teachers’ time in exercise creation, checking and assessment evaluation.

The AI-assisted assessment tool enables the teacher to automatically evaluate assignments and exams, and to effectively monitor and guide student progress.


    • Browser-based online solution and works on any device
    • AI-assisted assessment checks help teachers to save time
    • Monitor student progress with easy to understand analytics
    • Includes ready-made lessons that can be easily customized and even converted into exams
    • Easy and fast to create your own exercises or modify existing ones


For students:


Reactored allows each student to choose the way they want to learn the selected lesson.

They can alternate between the usage of different senses in learning and proceed at their own pace.


    • Works also on mobile and smartphones
    • Learning-style based personalization based on students’ abilities
    • All assignments involve pronunciation – helps students to understand spoken language better
    • Gamified approach keeps students motivated


Reactored currently supports up to 16 languages:

English, Spanish, Swedish, German, Italian, French, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Vietnamese, Hungarian, Finnish and Latin


What teachers say about Reactored:


“Reactored provides both pupils and students as well as us teachers with a very powerful tool for second language acquisition. In my opinion, Reactored is the most effective tool for second language acquisition at the moment.”
Heini Syyrilä -The National Language Teacher of the year award 2017


“The best part is that it is easy to use and versatile. I use the application in language teaching to create and share my own exercises. Pupils have liked it since everyone can practice at their own level thanks to the adjustable learning style feature. I personally like the fact that all assignments involve pronunciation – it helps learners to understand the spoken language better.”
Emilia Hurme -language teacher, Parola

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Currently, Reactored has over 15 000 student users in +100 schools. Sanako is the exclusive distributor of Reactored outside Finland.

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